Our Team

 Katy is CEO and founder of Diamond Publishing Company. Being left-brained and right-brained makes for a perfect combination. Her left brain takes care of the business side for authors making sure their books are produced in a timely and professional manner, and her right-brain allows her artistic side to stretch into creating striking and compelling book covers and marketing ideas for maximum effect. She has been in the publishing industry for over ten years.

   Katy previously owned and operated her own dance school (before she had children of her own!), was a professional choreographer, and was also a professional floral designer, working individually with clients to create custom arrangements. A high school classmate, whose daughter was a dance student of Katy's, dubbed her the dancing florist, so it only made sense to carry that tradition on and Katy is now called The Dancing Publisher.


  Bridget is a free-lance editor and brilliant. At the top of her class with a GPA over 4.0, she has edited full-length novels, biographies, and poetry books for several different authors. 

   She’s timely, polite, and thorough. In 5th grade, at the age of 11, she became a published author when one of her poems was selected to be included in Accolades 2014 Poetry Collection.  

    Next fall, Bridget will be pursuing a double major in Math and English. 

  Bridget’s time is occupied with numerous endeavors: playing with her two cats, Blitz and Diamond; teaching herself piano; studying; volunteering at her local food shelf; running track; staying connected to her friends; drawing, and attending her monthly book club she started with her friends. 

   By her own estimation, she is about 70% proficient in Spanish. 

   She is also passionate about animals and became vegan around the age of 14.  

   Bridget is the fourth child out of five and has two older sisters, and one older, and one younger brother.  

   She was more than elated when she inherited her maternal grandfather’s expansive book collection which included some of the most classical works in history. 


 John is a most valuable asset to Diamond Publishing in the capacity of technical support. His remarkable computer brain can handle any issue that may arise, keeping things running smoothly for the team.

   John loves to game, lift weights, and is in high school track. 

   John works as a maintenance man for a local apartment complex, and also works over the summers for a marine boat repair company. He is also learning to build houses with his dad.


Illustrators- We work with a variety of illustrators depending upon your needs


*** If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send resume to: DiamondPublishing@yahoo.com