Meet Our Authors

 John Alite~ Youth advocate speaker around the world after having been an enforcer for the Gambino Crime Family of New York. 


 Lucille "Lulu" Ferrari~ Children's book series author and real estate broker, Lulu lives in Brooklyn, NY.


Dr. Robert Hoatson~ Former priest and whistleblower, Dr. Hoatson is the founder of Road-to-Recovery, Inc., a 501c3 which helps victims of sexual abuse.


Kaltrina Hoti~ A brilliantly accomplished artist, restauranteur, and author, Kaltrina captures, in her words and paintings, emotions and feelings we don't always know how to express. Her personal spiritual attitude shines a beacon of uplifting light on some of the most painful experiences life can bring. 


*** Check back often to see our newest authors...maybe it'll be you!